” PC ki speed ko kaise badaye” Hello friends, welcome to our website TechnicalHariji.com ,today i’m gonna show you some ways  which will definitely speed up your pc’s performance, actually the pc runs slowly due to not optimizing the disk at regular interval and also because of not deleting the unnecessary files and,hence these files makes the process slow.therefore we will give you some steps to follow hence let’s get started.

Follow the steps given below:

Trick no.1 – Power Option.

  • step-1. First of all go to start menu and search  “power option” and hence click on it.
  • Step-2. Select the high performance that’s it hence it will speed up your process.

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Trick no.2 – Disable Unwanted Startup Programs.

Step-1. First start the task manager ( ctrl+alt+del) on your PC.

Step-2. Click on “Startup“.

Step-3. Disabled all the programs which are running in the background and which you have no need,hence it will speed up your pc performance.

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Trick no.3- Defragmentation and Deoptimization.

  • Step-1.Click on the window button and search “Defragmentation” and henceopen it.
  • Step-2. Select the drive and click on the optimize.
  • Step-3. Repeat the process on other local drives too,so that it will deoptimize your disk and hence programs run faster then before.

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Trick no.4– Delete Unnecessary Files.

  • Step-1. Open the run window (win+r) and type “%temp%” and hit enter.
  • Step -2. Delete all the files appears in next window.
  • Step -3. In the same way open the run window and then search “temp” and delete all file because they are useless.
  • Step -4. Moreover also search “prefetch” and then delete all files because they are unnecessary.
  • Step -5. Then search “cleanmgr” and then delete all files.
  • Step -6. Then open the run window and type “tree” and then hit enter and hence Cmd window will appears due to tree command.

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Trick no.5– Reduce Runtime services.

  • Step -1. Open the run window and search “msconfig” and hence hit enter.
  • Step -2. Click on the services menu inside the window that appear.
  • Step -3. Tick the option “hide all the Microsoft service” and hence it will stop the background process so that your performance of pc will improve.
  • Step -4. Open the Run window and search “regedit” and hit enter.
  • Step -5. Go to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER>control panel>mouse” and then click on the “MouseHoverTime“.
  • Step -6. Change it’s value to 10,hence it will reduce the animated time whenever the cursor hover over ui.
  • Step -7. Go to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Control panel>Desktop“.
  • Step -8. Select the option “MenuShowDelay” and change its value to 10 and hence it also reduce delay time.

Thank you, to visit us these tricks will definitely work in your PC.Tell me in the comment guys how helpful are these tricks proved to your computerand hence it will be helpful for us too because we can then improve our content for you and therefore you will get your need fulfill.


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