Hello Dosto :-

                  Mera name hai Deepak Rathor,  aur padh rhe hai mera blog jiska name hai Technicalhariji, to chaliye shru karte hai.

Read This :-

1. Firstly make a window10 bootable pandrive, insert bootable pandrive and boot from bootable pandrive.
2. Click on [Next] then click on [Repair your computer].
3. Click on Troubleshoot
4. System Image Recovery.
5. Click on Window 10 then [Next] and Click on [Advanced].
6. Click on [Install a Driver]
7. Go to C:\ drive and find out .[System32]
8. Find “Sethc” and Rename “Sethc1”
9. Find “CMD” and copy and paste here
10. Rename “CMD-copy” to “Sethc”
11. Close all windows
12. Restart PC
13. Press 6 Times “Right Shift” open Command Prompt
14. Type “Net user” (This cmd is use to list all user)
15. Type [Net user <Username> *] (This cmd is use to break password and “*” star sign is compulsory)
16. Type “New password”
“Cofirm new password” [Successfully reset password]


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